Development Environment of Shanghai in the New Era

There are four parts in this report.

The first part explains Missions and Tasks for Shanghai in the New Era. The authors first discuss basic characteristics of economic development in the new era, namely new normal of development, new strategic imperatives and new competition landscape. The authors then elaborate missions and tasks for Shanghai in the new era. They are: the “Five Centers” initiative, three strategic tasks, and making China International Import Expo as a platform.

The second part evaluates Domestic and International Environment for Shanghai’s Development. The authors first investigate four major aspects of domestic development environment, including potentials of economic development, science and technology progress and industrial upgrading, inter-provincial competition for premium resources, and regional cooperation led by central cities. The international development environment is also reviewed from four perspectives: international political situation, international economic and trade landscape, international financial environment, and global development of science and technology.

The third part discusses Challenges and Opportunities for Development of Shanghai. The authors first analyze the challenges facing Shanghai, including external risks due to changing global political situation, proliferation of new generation international trade and investment rules, changing international financial environment, and global science and technology revolution. Based on that and Shanghai’s own advantages, the authors investigate into such factors as global industrial upgrading, deteriorating external environment, resource and environmental constraints, as well as intensifying inter-regional competition for premium resources, and analyze possible opportunities for Shanghai in industrial capacity building and further opening up in trade and the financial sector.

In the fourth part, based on the changing domestic and international environment as well as their impact on Shanghai’s development, the authors put forward detailed policy suggestions in three aspects — strategic layout, building core competitiveness and improvement of business improvement.

Key Words

Development environment, Shanghai, New Era, Policy Suggestion

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