About us

The Institute of International Relations (IIR) is one of 17 research institutes in Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS), which ranks among the 25 China Top Think Tanks. SASSis also the second biggest academic organization and comprehensive research center in the fields of philosophy and social sciences in China.

IIR was reorganized in 2015 on the basis of Shanghai Municipal Center for International Studies founded in 1985 by Dr. WANG Daohan, former mayor of Shanghai and mergence of several institutes of international studies affiliated to SASS. Professor WU Jianmin, former Chinese ambassador to France, and Professor WAng Ronghua, former Vice Chairman of Shanghai People’s Political Consultative Conference and President of SASS, served as Chairmen of Shanghai Municipal Center for International Studies succesively.

IIR is devoted to the studies of international relations theories, diplomatic strategies and foreign policy of states and regional affairs. Through conducting a range of research programmes, holding conferences, workshops, lectures and seminars, publishing research journals and books, the Institute has been striving to enhance theoretical researches and provide policy consultation, as well as inform the interested public.  

IIR currently has nearly 50 research fellows in 7 research departments: International Strategy and China’s Diplomacy, East Asia Studies, America Studies, European Studies, Russia and Central Asia Studies, the Middle East Studies, South Asia and Indian Ocean Studies, an administrative office and the editorial office of The Journal of International Relations. It also has several research centers.

IIR provides a doctoral program in International Political Economy (IPE), in collaboration with the Institute of World Economics Studies, SASS. It also offers  Master’s Degree on International Relations and Diplomacy.

ProfessorWANG Jian is the current Director of IIR. Professor YU Jianhua and Professor LIU Aming serve as Deputy Directors.  


Contact information

Address: 7/ 622 Middle Huaihai Road, Shanghai, 200020.

Tel: (86-21) 33165303

Fax: (86-21) 63844022

E-mail: iir@sass.org.cn

Website: http://iir.sass.org.cn


Department of International Strategy and China’s Diplomacy

    Executive Director: Tang Wei

    Deputy Director: Wang Shuming

Department of East Asia Studies

Executive Director: Wu Zelin

Executive Deputy Director: Su Biquan

Department of American Studies

Executive Director: Wu Qisheng

Deputy Director: Ke Jing

Department of European Studies

   Executive Deputy Director: Dai Yicheng

Department of Russia and Central Asia Studies

  Executive Director: Gu Wei

  Deputy Director: Li Lifan

Department of the Middle East Studies    

     Director: Wang Zhen

     Deputy Director: Zhao Jianming

Department of South Asia and Indian Ocean Studies

Executive Director: Liu Jinqian


Editorial Office of The Journal ofInternational Relations

Director of the Editorial Board: Wang Jian

Deputy Directors: Yu Jianhua , Fu Yong

Editor in chief: Yu Jianhua

Editorial director: Fu Yong


Administrative Office

Director: Yao Qin