About us

The Institute of International Relations (IIR), Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, was founded in 2012, based on two previously regional studies institutes: Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies and Institute of Euro-Asian Studies. As SASS is one of 25 top think-tank of the state, IIR, as a subordinate body, now is endowed with many policy studies assignments on China’s international relations, strategy, global governance, etc.

Currently, the institute consists of 6 research departments covering the IR theories, international security, regional cooperation, major powers’ strategies, China’s diplomacy, and international cultures. Being different from the disciplinary departments, there are several regional studies centers on America, Russia, Japan, KoreanPeninsula, SCO, the Jews, Central and South Asia, and Middle East as well. The institute also has an academic publication Journal of International Relations.

In addition to the policy studies function, IIR has master degree courses of international relations, diplomacy studies and world history, which will recruit and train undergraduates for their future careers in the governmental body, news agency and business companies.

IIR has approximate 45 full-time staff, of which 7 are senior professors, 15 are associate research professors, and 21 are assistant research professors.