Li Kaisheng




Li Kaisheng currently serves as a professor, director of the research division of International Relations theories of Institute of International Relations, and chief expert of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) research project at Shanghai Academy of Social Science (SASS).

Dr. Li received his MA in International Relations from Xiangtan University in 2004 and Ph.D. in International Relations from Graduate School of China Academy of Social Science in 2008. From July 2004 to March 2013, he served as lecturerand then associate professorin Xiangtan University. In April 2013, he joined Institute of International Relations of SASS as aresearch fellow and was promotedas senior fellow in the end of 2015. He was the visiting scholar of Asian Center in University of the Philippines (Mar.-Sep., 2015) and the visiting research fellow of the Asian Institute for Policies Studies in Seoul(Aug.-Dec., 2016).

Hisresearch interests cover China’s foreign strategy, East Asian Security, BRI studies, non-traditional security and International Relations theories.

He haspublished two monographs: one is Identity, National Revival and China’s Foreign Strategy (published by China Social Sciences Press in 2009), the other is Human, State and Security Governance(published by China Social Sciences Press in 2012). He published dozens of research articles in World Economics and Politics,American Studies Quarterly and Foreign AffairsReview, etc. He hasalso written a large number of reviews published in Global Times, China Youth Daily and World Affairs, etc.